Solar energy technology road maps

The department of energy is busy developing a solar energy technology road maps.

The South African Solar Energy Technology Road Map (SETRM) is being developed to provide a comprehensive, aligned, achievable and time bound strategic plan that will help guide: policy and regulatory development, industrial strategy and related investment, education and skills programme development, innovation, research and development; and the overall diffusion of solar technologies in the country, and given the country’s significant regional impact, in the broader Southern Africa region.

The objectives of the Solar energy technology road maps are:

To develop a clear, comprehensive, and prioritized implementation plan (i.e. roadmap) for the development and diffusion of concentrated solar power; solar photovoltaic technology (ies); solar heating and cooling technologies; and related R & D in South Africa toward reduced energy use, carbon emissions reduction; distributed electricity generation, expanded independent power production and electricity supply to the national grid, and the reduction of reliance on carbon fuels.

Read more about the solar energy technology road maps on the department of energies website.