Electricity Cost Calculator

Electricity Cost Calculator

Running Costs of Appliances and Lights

How much do your appliances or lights cost you to run. Maybe it is time to switch to a more efficient lower energy appliances and lights. Use this simple electricity cost calculator to calculate your running cost from lights to heaters.

Electricity Saving Tips

  • Replace old energy inefficient appliances
  • Change your lights to Led Lights
  • Switch of appliances & Lights not in use
  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Install Insulation
  • Insulate your Geyser and hot water pipes
  • Boil only the required amount of water for coffee and tea

I have reduced my electricity consumption, what now?

If you have reduced your electricity consumption, the next step can be an investment in solar heating and solar power. This investment will pay it self back overtime. A plus is you did your bit to reduce global warming.