LED Lights

LED lights or light-emitting diode are becoming the most cost effective energy saving product on the market. Considering the small size of the initial investment the choice to go LED lights is easy.When converting your property to LED lighting instead of regular light bulb you save easy thousands of Rands on your annual electricity bill. Besides the financial savings of LED Lights, the environmental benefits of LED light bulbs are huge.

LED Lights benefits

LED lights seem to last forever. The common incandescent light bulbs only last about a thousand hours, and the compact fluorescent lights about 5,000 hours. LED lights can last for up to 100,000 hours. That’s a long time. Many maintenance free years, without changing a bulb. The main benefit of LEDs is that they use about a tenth of the electricity compared to an incandescent bulb because they produce almost no heat. A standard incandescent light bulb, in which only about three percent of the energy used is transformed into light, while the remaining 97% becomes heat.

Led Lights started to become common place as decorative lightning, but with the ever improving technology of LED lights and decreasing prices they are becoming more common place to light up many places in and outside a building.

So next time you need to replace lights in your house or office consider the use of LED Lights. When looking to replace decorative lighting or, long-lasting light for inside or outside, LED lights should be number one your list of options to investigate. It will be an investment well worth and will save you lots of money in the long run due to low running cost.