Ikea solar panel installations in the UK

Ikea besides setting a good corporate example by using solar power for its own stores. (Ikea has installed more than 250,000 solar panels on its Ikea Stores and Buildings World Wide). Ikea started offering its customers in the United Kingdom Solar Panel Installations by Hanergy.

Why is Ikea selling solar panels.

They want to inspire and enable their customers to live a more sustainable life at home by offering products and services that will help them to save money, reduce waste and lower energy cost. As a company ikea is also strongly committed to investing in renewable energy and ‘energy-efficient’ technology to help tackle climate change.

They have partnered with the chinese company Hanergy Solar to bring affordable solar energy closer to home.

For further information about the solar panels from ikea please visit the following page.


Hanergy Solar Power

Hanergy Solar Power (Europe) supports its mother company Hanergy Solar Power International Group Ltd. in its mission to bring renewable energy to the world to save it for future generations. They do this by developing and investing in utility scale solar energy projects everywhere in Europe.