Juwi Renewable Energies

Juwi Renewable Energies

juwi Renewable Energies in South Africa is part of the international juwi Group, one of the world’s leading companies in the area of renewable energy. We offer project development and EPC services, as well as products and solutions for the increasing deployment of renewable energy. Our business activities are mainly focused on Solar Energy (Utility-scale and Commercial & Industrial) and Onshore Wind Energy.

We work together to implement renewable energy projects economically and reliably and deliver best value in Africa today.

To date juwi South Africa has built five utility scale solar plants totalling 121 MW under the Government’s REIPPP Programme and also develops and bids wind projects under the Programme. In addition to this, juwi South Africa participates in the Government’s Small IPP Programme.

juwi South Africa also constructs large embedded Solar PV projects that deliver cost competitive electricity to a range of commercial and industrial end-users.

Xtreme Solar

Xtreme Solar installs and maintains the SunMax Solar pool Panels, so you can enjoy your heated pool more of the time. After installation there are no running costs associated with the pool heating. The sun is all you need.

‘SunMax Premium’ Solar Panels are completely GUARANTEED against pool chemicals, harsh U.V. rays and cold winters.

The strongest, most durable, longest lasting UV Protected solar panels available on the market, Worldwide.

Cold water is simply pumped up to the roof using the existing pool pump, it is then heated by the solar panels and the warm water is returned back into the pool.

Free energy straight from the sun, once solar panels are installed the pool will be heated for FREE.

My Eco Future

We have been designing, installing and maintaining solar solutions for more than 2 years and have done more than 30 installations. We come highly recommended…
We take no shortcuts to save a penny. Our solutions comply with all regulations, and are fitted with safety and protection equipment, to protect the residents and equipment alike.
We install solutions that will last 25 years and beyond. We do not use home-made panel mounting systems or use general purpose switch-gear or wiring. All our products are dedicated and approved solar equipment.
Our pricing is competitive and line for line we will match any written quote.

My Eco Future